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Smart Curtain Switch

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WiFi DIY RF433 Smart Curtain Switch Module for Electric Motorized Roller Blinds Shutter Motor,Smart Life/Tuya APP RF433 Remote Control,Compatible with Alexa Echo and Google Home

By Moes
Note:calibtration is not suitable well for heavy metal blinds for material restricted.
Product Features:
1.Use with Much More Convenience with stop function on traditional switch: A really good substitution for one more new smart roller blinds switch to work with your traditional curtain switch to realize intelligence.Press your traditional curtain switch once after switch to up/down (on the same button)to manually stop your curtains easily.Also,it can be connected with your roller blinds shutter motor to smartly control your curtains.

2.RF and Wireless Remote Control: Enable to remotely control your connected appliances on your smart phone wherever you are. 2.4 b/g/n Networks provides the needed connection to the DIY Switch Module without the need of a separate HUB. (Compatible with Android&iOS.)More importantly,this curtain switch module is built-in RF433 frequency,so it can be controlled with remote control switch with encoding 1527.

3.Hands-free Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for easy voice control,providing your smart life for controlling roller blinds with much more convenience.

4.Timer Setting: Take full control of your roller blinds  intelligently with the timer feature on your App,which enables to open / close them at a specific time automatically. Automate your home roller blinds  via 3 timing types:schedules timing,countdown timing and loop timing.

5.Family Sharing: One device can be shared to different family members that means one ID is able to control multiple curtains,or multiple users can control one curtain.Control your smart home with your family members or friends together.

Note before order:
1.Please check your motor is with 4 wires before make your order.(Note:Motor not included,need a separate purchase.)
2.This roller blinds shutter switch module can not work with DC motor.
3.Please use this module with RF433 remote control switch(only encoding 1527 required.)


Note:Motor not included,need a separate purchase.

1.Q:Does this work with Google Home?

A:Yes,it does.And it's also compatible with Alexa.
2.Q:Do I need to buy a hub to work with the curtain module.

   A:No,there is no need for you to buy a hub and no hub required for the module.
3.Q:Can I control the module with my own remote control switch?

   A:This curtain switch module is RF433 built in and it can only work with RF433 remote control switch with encoding 1527.
4.Q:Shall I buy a smart curtain switch to work with this module?

   A:No,you can just connect the module to your traditional curtain switch to realize intelligence.
5.Q:What should I do if I can't configure the curtain module?

   A:a:Please check whether device is powered on.

      b:Make sure your mobile and curtain module are under the same 2.4GHz wifi network.

      c:Whether it's in good internet conditions.

      d:Make sure the password entered in App is correct.

      e:Make sure the wiring is correct.
6.Q:Which products can I control with the device?

7.Q:What happens if the wifi goes off?

   A:You can still control the device connected to the curtain module with your traditional curtain switch and once wifi is active again the device connected to the curtain module will connect automatically to your wifi network.
8.Q:What should I do if I change the wifi network or change the password?

   A:You can connect the module to the wifi network according to the App User Manual.

 Use with Convenience

Work with your traditional roller blinds shutter switch to realize intelligence easily.

No more need to buy a new smart roller blinds shutter switch.

Smart your home with more options.

RF433 Remote Control

Remotely control with remote controller with 1527 encoding

Note : R433MHz and 1527 encoding available.Hands-free Voice Control:Freely control your roller blinds with voice command

Timer and Schedule:Open and close your roller blinds as your own daily timetable.No more worry about forgettingto open or close.

Curtain Calibration Supported in App

Note:calibtration is not suitable well for heavy metal blinds for material restricted.Percentage Adjustable for Your Curtains

Note:calibtration is not suitable well for heavy metal blinds for material restricted.How to Add Schedule in App

Note:calibtration is not suitable well for heavy metal blinds for material restricted.Smart APP Remote Control

Take full control of roller blinds shutter wherever you are on your phones.Control in advance with ease when you are away from home.Multiple Non-interfering Control ModesUse with Convenience

Work with traditional roller blinds switch realize intelligence. A really good substitution for one more new smart curtain switch.Hands-free Voice Control

● Control your roller blinds with your voice only for maximum convenience.

●Simply Say, "Alexa,turn off the roller blinds"when you are sitting on your sofaWireless Remote Control

●Take command of your roller blinds by using the "SmartLife/Tuya" app (lOS or android) anytime from awywhere.

●Remotely check whether you have opeaed or closed theroller blinds.Multi-scenario Matching

Match different kinds of curtains such as window blinds/roller blinds/venetian blinds.Schedules&Countdown timer

Set a schedule to open/close the roller blinds according to your own timetable.Do not have to repeat the operation every day..

Use a countdown timer open/close the curtains through your smart phone,1min to 6 hours is all fine.Family Sharing

Share this smart WiFi curtain module to your family members to share the convenience together.

Support one mobile phone to control multiple devices or multiple mobile phones to control one device.




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    Smart Curtain Switch
    Smart Curtain Switch
    Smart Curtain Switch
    Smart Curtain Switch
    Smart Curtain Switch
    Smart Curtain Switch

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