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KERUI Keyless Fingerprint Padlock

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High-tech Chips

Using high-tech chips, fingerprint processing is faster, unlocking is more convenient, and your home is safer.


Family and Friend Sharing----- up to 10 Groups Fingerprint Can be Stored to Unlock.

Record 10 times and can save up to 10 groups fingerprints total, can be used by the whole family.


0.2 Seconds Fast Unlock

360 g / m / m / m / t


USB Charging/3.7V Lithium Battery

Electronic smart fingerprint padlock will max last half a year after fulling charge



Low Voltage Reminder

When the voltage is low, the padlock will reminder you to charge.


Security Lock for Locker

Fingerprint padlock are made of aluminum alloy metal body and stainless steel shackle for superior cut resistance. High toughness steel wire, seamless joint is great for anti-thief, anti-dust and anti-erosion.



Wide Application & Easy to Carry

You can use it at home, outdoor, in office. Suitable for suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, furniture, wardrobes, bicycle and other goods that you want to protect.

Kindly Remind:

Please charge the fingerprint padlock more than 12 hours before the first time use.



Product Details:



Wide Applications:

1. Travelling: Suitcase, handbag, travel bag, luggage, laptop, backpack, handbag, and so on.

2. Sports: gym locker, bike, bicycle, golf bags, and so on.

3. Public Areas: student dormitory, school locker, gym locker, employee locker, hospital locker, and so on.

4. Residential: door lock, gate, apartment lock, basement anti-theft security, and so on.

5. Business: office, hospital, fence, and so on.

6. Transportation: garage, toolbox, and so on .

7. Furniture: wardrobes, closet, cabinet, drawers, safes, and so on.



* Fingerprint reader: 96*96 sensor

* Waterproof level: IP56

* FRR:<1%

* FAR:<0.002%

* Material: zinc alloy

* Working voltage: 3.0-4.2V

* Lock weight and Size: 90g

* Lock size: 7.6*4.6*1.3 (CM)

* Fingerprint sensor coverage: 72*64MM

*Unlock speed: within 0.5 second

*working period: a year per power Charge

* Led Light: three color light: red / blue / green

* Battery: 3.7V lithium build in battery

* Working temperature: -10~+40 degrees Celsius

* Fingerprint capacity: record 10 times and save 10 groups


Q & A:

Q1: Why any fingerprint can be unlocked ?


A1: Before entering the fingerprint, any fingerprint can be unlocked. If fingerprints are recorded, only the recorded fingerprints can be used to unlock the lock. Therefore, under normal circumstances, you must record more than two fingerprints to prevent the embarrassing situation of the fingers being scratched and unable to unlock.


Q2: How to do if the fingerprint can't be identified ?


A2: Usually due to fingerprint wear, peeling, scratches, dirty, wet fingers, or fingerprint collection window with smudge and water droplets, fingerprint identification is not successful. It is necessary to ensure that the fingers and fingerprint window are clean and dry .

In case of finger scratches, it is recommended to enter at least 3 fingerprints registration after purchase.


Q3: How many fingerprints can be registered ?


A3: Up to 10 groups of fingerprints can be registered .


Q4: How to do if the battery is dead ?


A4: Connect the charging port with Micro USB, the red light is on, indicating that it is

charging, and it can be unlocked normally during charging. The light is off, indicating that it is fully charged.


Q5: How long does it continue after being fully charged ?


A5: After being fully charged, it can stand by for 12 months, and when the power is low, the red light flashes after unlocking.














Anticipated Delivery Timeframe: Due to the high demand for our exclusive and bespoke furniture pieces, we kindly inform our esteemed customers that shipping times may vary.

We are committed to ensuring that your selected items reach you in impeccable condition. Therefore, please anticipate a delivery window of 2-5 weeks from the date of your order.

    Quality Assurance

    We understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with acquiring a unique piece from our collection. We wish to reassure you that, despite the varying delivery times, our dedication to quality remains unwavering

    KERUI Keyless Fingerprint Padlock
    KERUI Keyless Fingerprint Padlock
    KERUI Keyless Fingerprint Padlock
    KERUI Keyless Fingerprint Padlock
    KERUI Keyless Fingerprint Padlock
    KERUI Keyless Fingerprint Padlock

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