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3D HD Hologram Fan Projector

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Innovative 3D Technology: Step into the future of advertising and display with our 3D HD Hologram Fan Projector. Featuring 224 high-brightness LED lamp beads, this projector illuminates your content with crystal-clear resolution, ensuring vivid visuals and a stunning 3D stereo effect that captures everyone's attention—no glasses required!

Wireless Content Management: With support for both iOS and Android devices, our hologram projector offers seamless WIFI connectivity for hassle-free content updates. Whether you're across the room or across the venue, easily switch displays, update promotional materials, or tweak your presentations remotely.

Mesmerizing Visuals: Our cutting-edge device uses a high-speed rotating fan blended with ultra-high-density LED bars to create breathtaking holographic images that appear to float in mid-air. This technology not only enhances the visual experience but also engages viewers in a way traditional displays simply cannot.

Versatile and Eye-Catching: An essential addition to any commercial venue, from shopping malls and hotels to restaurants and exhibition centers. Use it to captivate audiences in KTVs, stages, or tech expos, making it an indispensable tool for attracting foot traffic and keeping eyes glued to your message.

Applications Galore: Perfect for product launches, interactive marketing, corporate events, or any setting that desires a touch of futuristic flair. Our 3D hologram fan is designed to create a dynamic environment that enchants visitors and enhances the way brands interact with consumers.


- Material: Aluminum + ABS
- LED: 224
- Voltage: 12V
- Supported formats: MP4/AVI/PNG, etc.
- Power specifications: US plug, EU plug, UK plug, AU plug
- Memory: 4G (included)
- Product size: 42cm/16.5in

Package Included:

- 1* 3D holographic projector
- 2* Expansion screw
- 1* User Manual
- 1* Adapter


1. For safety reasons, the holographic fan must be mounted on a wall of 6.5 feet or higher.
2. Do not touch the fan blades while running or testing the battery.

**12.3x12.3x7cm Features:**

1. This desktop advertising machine features 3D holographic display technology, allowing users to enjoy vivid and interesting photos and videos anytime, anywhere.

2. Holographic naked eye imaging provides a stereoscopic effect that restores real colors for better results.

3. Equipped with audio, featuring a built-in speaker, enabling the playback of video music or sound during display.

4. Comes with a large amount of material and supports computer transfer, along with a multi-functional remote control for easy material switching and music playback.

5. Suitable for placement on desks, restaurants, homes, etc., to enhance the overall ambiance.


- Material: Aluminum + ABS
- Imaging size: 8.8*8.8cm
- Viewable angle: 170°
- Play music: Support
- Multi-functional remote control: Support
- Computer transmission: Support
- Angle adjustment: Support
- Brightness adjustment: Support
- Power supply: Plug-in
- Support format: MP4/AVL/MVB/JPE/PNG
- Package size: 12.3*12.3*7cm
- Weight: 300g

**Package includes:**

- 1* Desktop advertising machine
- 1* Card reader
- 1* Remote control
- 1* Data cable










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We are committed to ensuring that your selected items reach you in impeccable condition. Therefore, please anticipate a delivery window of 2-5 weeks from the date of your order.

    Quality Assurance

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    3D HD Hologram Fan Projector
    3D HD Hologram Fan Projector
    3D HD Hologram Fan Projector
    3D HD Hologram Fan Projector
    3D HD Hologram Fan Projector
    3D HD Hologram Fan Projector

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